Wouldn’t it be nice to push a button and determine you are in full compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley?

Segregation of Duties is a basic, key internal control and one of the most important Sarbanes-Oxley audit points. Unfortunately Segregation of Duties compliance is often difficult to achieve. Many companies resort to forcing management to sign off without truly knowing if a violation exists. 

For companies using JD Edwards there is an automated means to determine if violations exist.

Core Services Group has developed ‘SoD Miner’, an application that finds SoD compliance risks. Now you can find issues, correct them and feel confident during your next SOx audit as well as know that you’ve achieved continuous compliance. SoD Miner comes loaded with rules that cover standard business Segregation of Duties risks. These rules are fully configurable and can be adapted to your organization and unique security setup. The ability to configure these rules allows for adaptation if the standard rules require more or less scrutiny.

SoD Miner will identify violations and allow quick corrective action. Continued compliance is achievable by using SoD Miner to analyze proposed security changes and preventing possible violations. Running the application on a continuous basis will provide real-time compliance. SoD Miner has been part of a number of successful SOx audits.