JDE Integration with UPS ShipExec

CORE recently integrated JDE E1 9.2 with UPS ShipExec to facilitate all multi carrier shipping needs for a large supplier of commercial and residential construction industry. This includes, but is not limited to: UPS Parcel, FedEx Parcel, Fedex Freight, LTL carriers as well as their own trucks.

Shipping personnel start with the ShipExec thin client to load order information real time based on Order, Shipment number, or Master Pick. From there, they validate goods and update the status within JDE when the goods are approved. After choosing the carrier, service type, and number of packages we finalize the order from ShipExec, which will in-turn create the necessary Freight lines within the JDE sales order (includes cost and tracking information) and ship Confirm the order within JDE. The ShipExec thin client is intuitive and easy to use, and also provides us with carrier compliant labels, forms and rating. The seamless integration to JDE 9.2. provides for accurate and timely information within our ERP software.

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